Blah blah blah FArt.

2003-09-21 11:52 a.m. - previous / next

I broke up with Allie. I got laid off. School starts tomorrow. Fuck. If I could just get my dick ran over by a tractor my day would be complete. I haven't felt this worthless in a long time. Hopefully school will distract me enough to keep me from stabbing myself in the neck with a pencil. If I knew where to get some heroin, I would spend the rest of the day shooting up instead of wasting away on my last day of this stupid fucking job. I would rather spend the day swimming in the sewer eating the corn out of peoples shit than sitting here at work sharply focusing on how utterly shitty I feel. I think at lunch I will drop this acid and see how the last day at work shapes up from there. Just kidding that would hella suck. Anyway, fuck this shit, I am going back to Liesure At least that shit makes me laugh still.

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