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The world is coming to an end Mal... Well at least it is in California. Yesterday, in the most pathetic excuse for an election in the history of the Golden State, Arnold Swartzenegger was elected governor. I can't fucking believe it. And before you ask, Of course I fucking voted. I did my part in trying to avert this half-baked recall, to no avail. Some retarded ass Hollywood muscle-head action hero has ended up in charge of our fuckered up state anyway.

I am poised to burn my California driver's license, move back to Nevada, and pretend I never lived in this ass-backwards state.

Does 57% of the state really have wet toilet paper and mayonnaise filling the space between their ears? Does 57% percent of the state's population live in Southern California? Hmm, there could be some correlation here. God damn star struck, smog huffing, no winter having southies. I wouldn�t be surprised if they were responsible for this mess.

Well California, hold on to your Hummers, because I am sure there will be some sort of flood and/or tidal wave occurring shortly as our once glorious state is being flushed down the fucking toilet.

On top of this, the Giants and the A's are out of the playoffs, the 49ers and Raiders may as well all go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, and our economy is in the shitter. What next? A-bomb? The fucking plauge? Wide-spread sphincter cancer outbreaks? Who knows, Its fucking California.

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