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Something interesting happened to me the other day, and it has come back to make me think "what the fuck was that shit? And why do I even care?" I really have to question my rationale sometimes, and this is one of those times. This is how the story goes.

After school on thursday I found myself to be totally fucking famished, and there was only one thing would please my finicky palate, Mi Ranchito Taqueria. (If you knew me, you would know that finicky palate thing is a joke. I would probably eat dog shit if you deep fried it, or just put some season-all on it) Anyway This place is on Alum rock avenue, which is not only totally ghetto, (I dont mind that) it is one of the worst bottlenecks on this side of town. So, as I sit through three, yes, count 'em, three misrably fucking usless cycles of the stoplight, and I don't move a little inch. Ok, about 15 minutes pass and we finally start to move. Fucking-a, I thought I was going to have to hari-kari my ass right then and there. As I begin to inch along slower than a one legged cat on ice, this guy in a van in the gas station parking lot is staring me down. Ahh, I know what he wants, he wants me to stop so he can pull his delapiatated ass 72 Dodge van in front of me. Well, as you may have guessed, I sure as hell being hot did not let him in. Shit, I have fucking places to go, and I dont even know the guy. Now...This motherfucker has the nerve to flip me off, and blast his horn at me. What a fucking dumbass. Who knows how long this asshole has lived in San Jose, but it should be long enough to know that nobody fucking cares about you, so don't expect them to, especially on the road. I mean, this is like, the one and only big city where people quite frankly, don't even stop for pedestrians. (Ok, I do stop for 'peds and cyclisits)Who the fuck exactly did he think I was? I don't have a habit of being charitable, and I am not going to start now. You do not get to the front of the line by letting the whole world cut in front of you. Thats what living in the big city is all about, right? Being in front, on top, climbed the ladder , and performed all the dirty deeds you had to to get there. Fuck, I hate this town. I can't believe I am letting this shitty attitude sink into me, but you gotta do what you gotta do to get by. (Until I can get out!) You just can't let people walk all over you around here.

Any way, enough being shitty, because right now, Im pretty happy, although I am currently crippled. I rode the trusty mountain bike at Santa Cruz Demonstration forest today with my friend John and I had the most exhiliarating and challenging experince on a bicycle in my entire life. This place is outta control, man! Super steep, ultra technical, throw your balls over your shoulder kinda shit. 35 mph twisting downhill on a trail no more than three feet wide, jumping over fallen trees, hauling ass through mud, ruts, coming within inches of trees zooming by the sides of the handle bars, and super-launch ramps a-many. I was following my buddy over a sieres of fallen trees and jumps, and disaster struck. You see, Johns full suspension bike is a lot more forgiving than my very cool, but no rear suspension having Rock-hoppper, when it comes to running over big ass trees (were talking 2.5 -3 foot around trunks here)and when I tried to jump over a very large fallen tree, my back tire hit it, and sent me slamming front tire down into the dirt at 25 miles per hour. I stacked, and stacked hard. After making sure there were no bones broken, I got up and rested for a while, and discovered my right arm is messed up bad. My shoulder popped in and out when I landed, and It didnt feel good at all. I managed to get through the next 12 miles without too many problems, but three hours later, I can't lift my right arm above my nipple. At least I got to finish the ride of a lifetime, but I am starting to think I may be hurt pretty bad here, more than just the road rash. Only time will tell, since I don't have insurance, and I cant afford to see a doctor. Shit.

Well my arm is fucking killing me, so I am going to put it in a sling and drink a couple hundred beers and enjoy the rest of my left handed weekend.

Accecptable risk? Ahh what the hell.

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