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Ok, school has offically taken over my life. Yea, I understand the fact that I am doing this so I can one day have a life that does not involve me begging for change or selling my poor white booty to guys with a fetish for smelly homeless men, but FUCK MAN! I have been sitting in this chair for nearly three fucking hours now studing the facinating history of blacks in cinema. I have already seen Boyz in the Hood AND Friday, thank you, but apparently watching those fine flicks starring our favorite African American rapper (ice cube) des not qualify as an intercultural studies class. What the fuck exactly do I need to study other cultures for anyway? He-fucking-lo people!!! I grew up in EAST SAN JOSE. It is like living in Vietnam, Mexico, and Korea all at once. I don't recall having a whole lot of white friends in high school (1, because I may have been the only one, and 2, most of us who were white acted black, and 3, I didn't have any friends). Years and of years of living in the 'hood hasn't gotten me shit but a couple of stolen car stereos and alot of good drugs. (and a lot of bad drugs for that matter)

Anyway, back to school consuming my life. I just relised I have not made love to my hot-ass Allie in like three days. Is getting an education really worth sacrificing hot sex? I don't see how it possibly could, seeing that I really really like sex and I totally hate doing fucking homework. Ahh, the sacrifices I make to avoid a future living in the bottom of a bottle of Thunderbird...


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