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2003-03-22 3:24 p.m. - previous / next

Good fucking god. I finally found an extra second to create a speck-fucking-tacular entry- but alas, the server is down. This kind of shit always happens to me, so of course I have a backup plan. I am now typing this entry with trusty Microsoft�.. WHOOH HOLYFUCKING SHIT. That was scary. Microsoft word automatically capitalizes the word �Microsoft� FUCK it did it again. Good ole bill gates (ha, ha � it didn�t capitalize bill gates) representin�.

Anyway, now that I am totally off track (and freezing my balls of I might add) I am starting to realize that making this up ahead of time is totally not the same experience- plus I feel totally dorky sitting here typing after I spent 5 grueling hours studying for finals. Oh wait, I am a dork so I suppose that makes this ok.

If anyone actually reads this pile of horse shit every once and a while, you may have noticed that I haven�t posted a new entry for a while. That is because school is totally busting my balls. This is getting ridiculous, seriously, I no longer have any life whatsoever. Not being employed doesn�t help a whole lot either. Now I am piss poor, and I have truckloads of studying to do, but I suppose that it doesn�t matter that I have to study, because, well, what the fuck else am I gonna do? I�m broke. I could sit around and watch movies and get fat or something. Oh wait, I could go for mad mountain rides those are free� or hang out with my girl, or scum beers off my friends. Ok. There are cool things to do when you are poor. For example, Allie and I went to Santa Cruz the other day and we went on one roller coaster ride, and lit a huge ass fire on the beach. We sat on cool little tree stump seats next to our fire pit for hours. That was free. And really cool. Aww fuck it.

Truth be told, I would rather have a red hot rusty nail shoved in my urethra than do all this studying, but it sure as hell beats being poor for the rest of my life. Call me materialistic, call me whatever the fuck you want, I like money. You can do lots of cool stuff with it. Like not living at your parents� house, and not having to sell your ass every time you get hungry. (Just kidding, I don�t sell my ass when I get hungry, really. I love money and food but you gotta draw the line somewhere)

Anyway, I am totally fucking delirious right now. I gotta go to sleep.

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