(7a x 3b)+(13c - 12b)= FUCK YOU

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I FUCKING HATE MATH. Quit trying to teach it to me, because I am never going to be good at it anyway. I understand the whole concept of receiving a college education is to become a well-rounded individual, but I am not a science major for god�s sake, ok! I am a business major, and that is why we have accountants. I make up the numbers and write them down, and the math whiz accountant adds them up. Math is a severe pain in the ass, and that is why some very smart person invented FUCKING CALCULATORS! Thank you inventor of the calculator. If you were (are?) alive today I want to tongue-dart your asshole, because once I am done with the plethora of math classes I have to take throughout my college years, that is all I am going to use. For SIMPLE math problems. I mean, really do I really need to know all this bullshit? How about I answer that question. NO, NO and HELL FUCK NO! DO I need to know how to graph algorithms and reduce a fraction like 273/385? I have never seen 273/385 on a measuring tape, or on a blueprint, or anywhere besides this migraine inducing math book.

So, not only do I hate math, since I am no good at it, I am now taking super dumb-dick math that is about what you took (and I failed) in the seventh grade. Insult to my intelligence? More like a shotgun blast. I am a 4.0 student; I placed for English 1a the first time around, and I have aced classes in which 70 percent of the students failed. But I could not remember my times tables if you tattooed them on my forearms. Me and numbers just do mot mix. I am a man of many words and few equations. I feel like such a dumb ass.

Well, I have to get back to the dreaded math homework that prompted this entry. I do feel a little better now that I have vented, and maybe I can finish this assignment without throwing another temper tantrum. Wouldn't that be nice. I really hate it when homework makes me cry...

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