Howling at the moon

2003-02-02 3:06 p.m. - previous / next

Five weeks of the winter quarter has zoomed by, and in that time I have seen about 45 minutes of sunlight. I think it is really starting to get to me. I swear there was a time where I told myself that I would not take any more night classes. I suppose that is going into the shitter with "I'm never going to smoke another ciggarette", "I'm never going to drink again", "I'm going to stop having sex with goats", etc.etc. Usually I am pretty good about keeping my word, that is when other people are involved. I should know better than to trust myself, seeing that the promises I make to myself are about as good as monopoly money. Anyhow, I would really love to ride my bike or something during daylight hours, especially since we are having this especially un-winter like weather. (Or so I hear, I have only seen it through windows.)If I don't get some sun soon my pupils will be permanantly dialated and I am going to have to change my major to morgue science, grave digging technology, gas station attending, or some other scary twilight hour profession like computer programming. EEK! If my skin gets any pastier, Im going to have to lose some of my teeth, stop using deodorant, and move to the U.K. To make matters worse, on mondays and wednesdays I have stellar astronomy as my final class, which induces sleep faster than ether. When I get out of the snooze zone they call the planetarium I am certainly not motovated to do anything resembling homework. (Unless the homework was to smoke a fat spliff and go to sleep!) Fortunatley, I get out of school just in time to hit super-fucked rush hour traffic. I say fourtunatley because without the adrenaline pumping aggravation of driving on Bay Area freeways after 5pm, I would probably be taking a dirt-nap after falling asleep at the wheel and ramming an idle Suburban full of kidnergardners and puppy dogs at 100 miles per hour. Well, thats a pretty picture to paint, now isn't it!

Mabye I will take a weekend off work or something... HA HA yea, right. I do not think they would let me do that here unless I quit or died or something. Speaking of work, for the past three hours I have been refiling unused forms, which is about as intellectually stimulating as making toast, or hearing the president speak. (The toast making totally has the president beat for entertainment value as well as intellectual enrichment!) I am thinking about throwing the rest of them in the trash, but my cohorts here are already wise to that trick, so I suppose my brain will just have to decompose for a few more hours while I finish the task. Either that or I might wake up face down in the file cabinet with a face full of disfiguring papercuts. That would be neato!

Thats all for now. Enjoy your toast.

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