Kiss me, I'm stupid!

2002-11-10 3:35 p.m. - previous / next

Today I was about as productive as a dead dog. Well, at least the dog decomposes. (although I may smell like i am...)Thank god I am at work. I would really feel bad wasting a day like this all hung over at home.

So I went to Mikes' birthday party last night, and concequently I got completley annahialated. Beer, shots, margaritas, all of the components of a raging fucking hangover were consumed. I do have that strange feeling in the pit of my stomach that I made a total ass of myself somehow last night. Fortunatley, I just so happened to meet Allies cohorts from the spartan daliy at the said party. Yea, way to make a good first impression you fucking jackass. Oh well. Hopefully they all got really smashed too and don't even remember meeting my stupid drunk ass.

Work was actually kinda cool today. However, driving here (an hour late) was pretty difficult. I woke up, and I was still pretty well drunk, it was so bad that seeing freakin' double. Wheeeeeeee! I said, as I swerved along what looked to be a 12 lane highway 87. The coolest part about coming into work all smashed after a hard nights drinking, is now that it is 4 o'clock, I dont even remember the first two hours of the day! So I have (if only mentally) effectivly turned a 8 hour day into a four and a half hour day.

So my breath smells like dog food, I look like someone kicked my ass, I smell like a dumpster behind a chinese resturant,and my stomach feels like it is full of compost. Oh yea, dont forget the fact that I may have alienated a bunch of my girlfriends friends, but at least, uh at least, fuck. Goddammit. There is no moral to this story. Well Smack my ass and call me Marsha. No biggie, I am a fan of all things pointless and wasteful anyway.


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