Bye bye, butt munchers.

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As you may have gathered from the title of this entry and the crudely drawn sign I am holding in the picture, this will be my final entry here at Diaryland.
It has been quite the run my friends, spanning over three years and about 70 entries. That is almost .45 entries per month in the 156 months I have been plugging my emotional rants and comedic anecdotes into this site. Sure it has been a hell of a lot of fun, but the place just has not been the same since it had that meltdown last year, and my gold membership is up in a matter of days. I will be starting a new blog elsewhere, but I am not going to just blurb it out. If you want to know, email me and I might tell you where to find it, if I decide to blog again at all in the near future. And if I say no or don't respond, don't get all butthurt about it. Just fuck off and die.
So, take a look back and read your favorite stories about mu pathetic life, because they will soon be gone. Sure, I can leave them up all picureless an without a template, but I want to make it complete and final so I can have a totally fresh start somewhere else.
It has been nice "knowing" all of you fucking ass-pirate turd burglars.

Love (In that fuck you in the ass in a pub bathroom kind of way),


"It is easier to find a better nest than to admit you lived in such a mess."

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