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If I hear one more little freshman bitch, or anybody for that matter, say "hecka" I swear that I will break my boot off so far up her ass that she will finally say "damn, that boot is HELLA far up my ass." Lets get this straight you dumb ass broads, saying hecka in order to refrain from cursing makes you seem no smarter or more sophisticated than any other cussword and slang spewing fuckhead. The only way to take a step up the social ladder so you can look down on a larger crowd of people is to use the English language properly and refrain from cursing and using tired-ass slang altogether. And if you are saying this because you are some sort of conservative Christian cunt bag, then you should hang yourself in your room before church next Sunday. Make sure you blame parents, your God and me in your suicide letter. That always rocks my day, let me tell �ya.

Not that I am going to stop cussing or saying things like dirty butt soup, ass factory, ass weasel, butt monkey, shit licker, fuck, fucking, dirty skank whore-bag bitch, cock knocker, fuckball, dickweed, or any of my other favorite sayings just to be classy or seem more respectable. Unless I am interviewing for a job or meeting someone who commands some sort of respect (this does not happen often) I will do as Too Short says and "let them cusswords roll, motherfucker two-ball bitch asshole." Well said Mr. Short, well said. Once again, I am just trying to emphasize how totally fucking irritating hearing bitches say "hecka" is, and how much I want to kill them by drowning them in a homeless man's chew-tobacco and dog shit laced loogies ever time the word is clumsily spilled out of one of their barely-pubescent mouths.

Ok, I am feeling a little better now that I got to vent about that. As you can tell from my rant about silly ass freshman language difficulties, today was my first day back in school. Thus far, SFSU is an awesome school and my professors seem to be on the up and up. It may come as no surprise to anyone who knows how dorky I am that I am enjoying being back to my scholarly pursuits. Sure, I had fun spending the last few months marinating my brain in alcohol and acting like a complete ass,

but learning something here and there is just a bit more satisfying, quenches the soul you might say. You may also say that I am a total nerd; and my friend, you would stand without correction.

My pad is still a decent place to live, especially since Holly has been virtually living here with me for the past month because her old apartment was a total creep out fest, and right now she is waiting to move into a nicer place. She may have been around because she likes being with me too. Yea, that too. Here you can see the wonderful view available from my fire escape turned balcony:

Beautiful, isn�t it? Well that�s ok. I�ll show you beautiful.

Holly is hotter than fire on fire. Grrr! And Since I have not updated for a while, I will treat you all to something I know everyone enjoys� BOOBIES!! TITTIES!! CANS!! JUGS!! HOOTERS!!

Isn't being totally juvenile great?

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