Near Death Experence II

2004-06-07 2:26 p.m. - previous / next

Today as I was heading down the exit ramp of 680 on my way home for lunch, I had a bit of a scare. OK, I damn near pooed myself once I was done soaking my boxers with urine.

I casually place my foot on the brake pedal of the Dart as I headed for a red light at the end of the ramp. Foolishly, I expected this action to stop the car, or possibly slow it down a bit. Instead of confidently stopping, the brake pedal goes straight to the floor. Ummmm OH SHIT!!!! I am still going about 50, as a carreen towards the busy intersection, hopelessly pumping the limp brake pedal. No slowing down is occuring, excep[t for that which occurs due to friction between the tires and the hot pavement. There is also about to be some friction between my driver door and cars speeding through the intersection.

I frantically drop it into 1st gear and yank the parking brake. Ok, still going to die. So as a last hope, I close my eyes, jam it into park and prepared to get whacked my a Mack truck. I slid into the intersection with one rear tire locked up. Fortunatley traffic had abated for a moment and my life was spared. My underwear were not so lucky.

Turns out one of the rear wheel cylinders exploded, leaving me with no hydraulic pressure. No I am under the car slapping on new rear brakes instead of doing all the other important shit I have to do today. Good news: even though that was a pretty stressful experence, I did not have a smoke. Straight edge retained for the day.

Fucking 40 year old cars, you just never know what is going to happen next with those goddamn things.

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