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2004-06-03 2:21 a.m. - previous / next

My job is a dangerous one. Every day I risk my life, my well being for the general public.

No, I am not a police officer, although it would be a regular riot to fuck with people and steal their drugs all day. I am not a fireman, but it would be nice to hear the ladies coo "oooh, you�re a fireman?" And I can respond "oooh, you are a total whore?" I am also not: A soldier, a teacher, a guidance counselor, a prostitute, a brewer, hockey player, CIA agent, proctologist, or anything that noble or cool.

Three days a week a accept the risk of receiving deep contusions, severe burns, skin cancer, and other miscellaneous occupational hazards to keep the Bay Area's cars on the road.

I am a lube technician.

I change your oil, inspect your brakes, rotate your tires, swap your spark plugs and do all I can to keep your poor, neglected fucking cars on the road. And sometimes I get hurt doing it.

In this case, I was forcing a filter through a rather tight spot on a late-model Ford Ranger when the filter decided to move suddenly into its home. My knuckle encountered an incredibly sharp and hot manifold heat shield. The burn helped hold back the bleeding for a second, but when I went upstairs to wash it, I found that the wound was bone deep. As soon as the water hit the gaping hole in my hand, the blood started flowing. Four stitches later, I was back in business. NEATO. OK, so this happened two weeks ago and I am just now posting it. But fuck, it is a great picture, so up it goes. You can all thank Arlette for the stunning photo.

This is me wearing glasses. I am posting this because I don't have a digital camera of my own and it is the only other cool and new picture I have on me at the moment. Damn, I am one cool dork.

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