Just one beer.

2004-04-18 7:20 p.m. - previous / next

Really, we are just going to have this one beer, and I swear we are going back to the lab to work on our pages. Watch as I sip slowly from the glass, feeling the pain of the knowledge that this is the only beer I am going to drink tonight. However, this pain I feel may be undermining my willpower. Maybe we should have just one more pint.

Here is to us having only this last pint, making it not one beer, but two beers before we go do some actual work and meet all of those deadlines that are staring us in the face. I am sure that the brown serum we are sipping from these glasses will only fuel our creative genius. Hey, Arlette, what are you doing with that pitcher of Bass? Did you buy that for the hot dude with the gigantic penis across the bar? Oh, wait, we are at Paul and Eddies, there couldn't possibly be any hot dudes here. Guess we are going to have to drink that now, aren't we.

What the fuck do you mean it is 1:30 in the morning? I mean shit, we only had one beer, right?

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