Puttin on my emo shoes and staring at em

2004-02-02 11:17 p.m. - previous / next

I am tired my constitution fading,

Spending bulk time in a dark room

I found inside my head.

I keep locking myself in there,

Misplacing the key intentionally.

I know where the exit lies

But I don�t look at it,

I do not want to see it.

I have things to do.

All I do there is run circles

Until I collapse from lack of revelations.

I spend the days avoiding

The sweet misery I have found in there.

The last thing on my mind when I leave

Is going back.

Yet I always return to surround myself

With the white-noise confusion.

Like standing alone in a snowstorm

Atop a tall building.

Up down left and right disappear

The reason I once thought I possessed

Replaced with a sea of illogical anxiety.

The feeling comes and goes

With Doppler qualities

It is not there then quietly

It approaches, out of tune

Thankfully fading away in the distance.

Why can�t I stop it anymore?

I just keep locking myself away

In that goddamn room.

I don�t belong in there

I don�t recognize the pictures on the walls.

They aren�t pictures of me anymore.

Kick down the fucking door,

And run away. Keep running.

You don�t belong in there.

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