Hey you, get out of my son.

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�He keeps a bottle of ammonia next to his bed which he huffs to put him in line when he is having deviant thoughts" This is an actual quote from an article in the Mercury news about CHILD MOLESTERS!! Are alarms going off for anybody else here? Dwwoot Dwwooot! BABY RAPING PSYCHO ALERT! SHOOT ON SIGHT SHOOT ON SIGHT! What exactly possessed some judge to let these people out on the streets? If you have to huff household cleaners to clear your mind of having sex with eight year-old boys on the playground you should not be living in the free world. (No Skynard reference intended.) You should be in a steel and concrete tank somewhere deep, deep underground where your balls will be placed in a meat grinder while your penis is being removed with an extremely dull pair of tin snips. Once the offenders� genitals have been severely mutilated, they will be lobotomized then set on fire. That sounds a lot better then being put out on the streets, endangering the butt virginity of little boys, doesn�t it? It's fucking dangerous enough out there with catholic priests and ice cream men on the prowl for some pre-pubescent nookie. We definitely should not be letting the ones who we already caught sodomizing and otherwise brutalizing children out on the streets without chopping up their cocks, shredding their balls and setting them ablaze first. Shit, is there no justice? Of course there isn't. Lets not be silly now. I would imagine that you get more time for having an ounce and a half of harmless weed on you then you would for banging a 10-year-old girl. Don't you love America? Yea, me neither.

On a lighter note, I am now creating my first entry in over two months. My last one was so fucking depressing that I did not even want to look at it. So, I will replace it with a muck lighter and funnier look at child molesters. Oh, wait, that�s pretty serious too isn't it? Aww fuck it. Ok, on a really, really lighter note, my template is all fucked up! Yeeaaa! Cool, huh. Happy bunny has apparently taken some sort of sabbatical leaving me with a lame ass orange page with a red X in the corner where Happy Bunny used to stand telling my visitors to eat his ass or something. My page now lacks the personality it once had, and people may begin to realize what fucking rubbish my diary is really made of. Without Happy Bunny getting you primed to laugh, you may never even giggle. Especially when I am talking about child molesters. AAAAAaaahh, the humanity of it all! This is worse than when we all found out Milli Vanlli did not sing their own music. I suppose I will have to scour the net for some terribly offensive page layout. If anyone out there in D-lizzand knows where I can find some grotesque page layouts, please let me know.

In other news, you are a butt-loaf and you smell like rotten milk. Thank you for watching, and good night.


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