Goodbye Eric.

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Yesterday I finally found myself with a few precious minutes of spare time and my buddy Anthony called me and asked if I would like to go fishing. Good timing, dude! With the pressures of finals week upon me and my duties at the newspaper behind me, I figured I should take a few hours off to shed some brain cells while I had the chance. So we headed to our friendly neighborhood liquor distribution center to pick up some reinforcements (beer) for the trip to the lake, and we were on our way to getting sloshed by the water. Before I had thrown my first lure in the water, my best friend from the wild world of Reno called. Jessy did not greet me with her normal crazy screams of sappy happiness, and right then I knew something was terribly wrong.

Jessy had called to inform me that my friend Josh's little brother had commited suicide. I still can't believe my ears. The guy was only fucking 17 for gods sake. A couple of months ago I was in Reno slapping the little guy in the back of the head thinking "I won't be able to do this for too long, hes gonna be able to kick my ass soon." He was going to graduate from high school today.

Of course we didnt see it coming, but this isn't one of those cases where you have to ask yourself why. His mom is literally a fucking crackwhore. She lost the house last year, and she was selling her ass on the streets of Reno to support her habit and pay for her shitty little motel rooms. That fucking piece of shit BITCH!!!! This is all her fucking fault and she does not even realize it. Eric was living with his brother Josh because he couldnt stand his moms cracked out ass, not to mention she was truning tricks in the hotel rooms they stayed in. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! WHY culdnt you just be his mom, you fucking whore? It has been like this for years. I remember christmas of 1998, we had to STEAL a fucking christmas tree to put in this kids living room because his mom was too busy shooting up to remember it was christmas. Well, Im sure she remembered, she just didnt give a shit. He was a straitedge, 4.0 kinda kid. He coulda had a future, and his stupid fucking family flushed his ass down the toilet for drugs. At least he had Josh, but apparently that wasn't enough. Josh found his little brother with his head blown to bits in his backyard on tuesday afternoon. I am going to his funeral in saturday instead of his graduation. FUCK GODAMMIT. You were a cool kid, Eric. I understand, I guess, but Im gonna fucking miss you dude. Goodbye little man.

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