Punkdork who?

2003-05-21 12:21 a.m. - previous / next

Ok, I know I haven't updated in quite some time now, but I have a perfectly valid excuse. I am sure most of you were beginning to believe I was dead, and began to throw "that scab on the face of diaryland finally killed himself" parties. Well HA ha, fuckers, I am still breathing your precious oxygen and wasting space on the web that would be more effectivley used for more penis enlarging ads or some good old-fashioned horse fucking porno. Any way back to why I have not updated in so long, (as if anyone reads this festering pile of poorly used english anymore.)

As you may have suspected, I was imprisoned for sodomizing helpless goats in the San Jose countryside. JUST KIDDING, San Jose does not have any countryside, let alone goats. Not that I have looked or anything... In all reality I have been very busy with school, especially the school paper. I have been pumping out high quality articles like someone was pointing a gun to my head saying "Hey, fucker, pump out high quality articles. And try being funny while youre at it." So If you would like to check out some of my fine work, go to www.lavozdeanza.com, go to the little search box in the upper right corner, type in "Owen Ray" and a list of some articles I wrote should appear. Feel free to to leave comments about my articles on the website. It makes it look like people actually give a shit about what I write.

Eat more meat. Cows are stupid.

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