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Christmas has come and gone, and thankfully it was rather uneventful. Actually there was one slightly unpleasant suprise, my sister decided to show up for christmas dinner. Its not that I dislike her,its more that she irratates the hell out of me. She talks way too much about shit that no one cares about. I think I will stick with the occasional phone call, thank you. You cant well hang up on someone whose standing right in front of you.

Ok this is not what I want this entry to be about. I think I would rather discuss something very special I got for christmas, well in all reality it is something I already had. That something is not something at all, its more like someone. That someone is Allie, and if all I got from her this christmas was her undying love, that alone would have made me happy. She did get me really cool stuff, but in the end "things" do not really matter. What does matter is that she loves me, and I love her. I never thought I would find someone who would be comfortable being so close to me. She knows just about everything about me, and she acually LIKES most of it. She dosent mind my snoring, my tossing and turning, and all my weird quirks. I got sick of most of the girls I have been with after a short while, but I just seem to grow fonder of Allie as the days go by. I think I have finally found someone to grow old and even more obnoxious with, and that makes me so happy that it cannot be explained with words. Only the look in our eyes when we sit and stare at each other tells the whole story. No words needed when you can see the love in someones eyes like I see in Allies. I have never felt love like this before, and I hope it is like this forever.


Merry Christmas and a Drunken New Year to All 'yall!

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